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Amish Sunshine and Shadow Quilt Pattern With Quilting Design
A pattern by Froncie Quinn based on a quilt from the Esprit Collection.

Froncie Quinn doesn't just design reproduction style quilts. She takes outstanding museum quilts and creates patterns based on them. So you will be making a quilt just like the original.

This pattern is based on a quilt from the Esprit collection which has now become a part of the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum. I have always loved the Esprit collection but I've had to be content with looking at the photos on the Internet. Someday I will make it to Pennsylvania to see the real thing.

It is unknown who quilted this "Diamond in the Square" Pennsylvania Amish quilt. I find it especially poignant when there is no way to know even the name of the quilter. I find myself wondering what the quilter was like, especially in the case of such a beautiful quilt as this one.

My only disappointment about this pattern is that I can't make it right away. I've promised a quilt for one of my grandchildren and of course they always come first. I thought about waiting until until I had the quilt made before writing about the pattern. But then I realized that there will surely be other's like me who would be eager to make this quilt so I'm spreading the news now.

The printed material you get with the pattern starts with fascinating information about the quilt. This quilt was made in 1935 and you will learn about Amish quilting during this period including the kinds of fabrics used by Amish women.

Next comes the instructions for making the quilt. You have a choice. Perhaps you will want to use modern day rotary cutting and machine piecing. Instead you may prefer to construct the quilt cutting with templates and hand piecing. The pattern includes very detailed and easy to understand instructions for both modern and traditional methods.

The quilting stencils are designed for hand quilting which was the method used on the quilt and typical of the Amish. In fact this project is a hand quilters dream. But if you prefer to machine quilt go ahead and do it that way. This quilt has been quilted by machine with lovely results.

You get so much for the price with this pattern. Several quilting stencils are included plus 22 pages of information and instructions. On top of that is the fact that part of the proceeds goes to help with restoration and research on the Esprit Collection. So with your purchase you will already have become a part of preserving these marvelous quilts. But you can go a step further if you wish. When you finish the quilt you can register it and receive a seal of proof on a certificate of authenticity. This way future generations will realize your quilt is a very special one.

When you visit Hoopla Patterns you will see all the delightful stencils included. I'm sure I will use them on many projects. So get right over to the Hoopla Patterns - Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum page. Scroll down to the Sunshine and Shadow pattern information. Be sure to visit the rest of the wonderful Hoopla Patterns site. There are also patterns from the Shelburne Museum, Old Sturbridge Village and the Vermont Quilt Festival.

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