Patches From the Past
Scraps of Fabric, Sewing & Quilting History

and Stripes

Home of the Brave Quilt Project

Quilts to honor soldiers wounded or lost in Afghanistan & Iraq.

Blue Star Banners and Quilts

A symbol in the window honors service men and women.

Quilting in Response to the Tragedy of 9-11-2001

How quilting has provided a chance to express feelings and contribute to healing.

Quilted Reactions to Desert Storm

Quilters reflected their feelings in war related quilts.

The Grandest Quilted Star of All

A giant radiating star design with many names.

Soothing the Edges of Pain

How women use quilting to cope with tragic loss.

Patriotic, Political and Commemorative Quilts

The bumper stickers of the 19th century.

A Legacy of Quilts From the Civil War

Surviving quilts, a source of pride and remembrance.


You might enjoy exploring astrophotography site to see some fantastic astronomy pictures of what can be found in the star filled sky beyond our eyesight. The skies that inspired 19th century women to make such a wonderful variety of star quilts still inspires us today.

The stars have also inspired writers and story tellers. This site "Astrofolk" includes folklore, poetry and more.