Patches From the Past
Scraps of Fabric, Sewing & Quilting History

A Potpourri
of Things

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Quilt Kits: An Old Tradition Meets the Internet

The Making of the Saratoga Block Kit

The American Quilt Study Group Seminar 2004

Judy Anne attends her first AQSG conference.

The Real Story Behind "Thread City"

Of spools & frogs in Windham, Connecticut.

A Quilt Historian Looks at Needles

A brief history of sewing needles and how they are made.

Selling Optimism: Quilt Publications in the 1930s

Magazines, newspapers and catalogs promoted quilting during the Great Depression.

Old Time Quilting Terms

delightful old fashioned terms based on writings by Ruth E. Finley

The True History of the Sewing Machine

Was Isaac Singer a scoundrel or genius?

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