Response to
September 11

Mourning Quilt

by Kimberly Wulfert

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The horrible events of 9-11 began on "Good Morning America" for me. I thought they were reviewing a new movie when I turned it on to see the first tower falling. It took some time to understand that this was real. The next day I had to leave town to teach at a guild a few hours away. For two days I was basically away from the TV, much to my chagrin. We made a quilt called the Happy Scrap Quilt based on a 1930's Depression quilt I own. Fitting in a way and planned 2 years in advance.

I got home turned on CNN and it stayed on day and night. Friday, Sept. 14th was my first day alone with the TV coverage and my feelings. It was the day marked by the Church Services held at a Washington D.C. Church to honor and grieve the dead. President Bush named it the "National Day of Mourning and Prayer". This quilt was made that day. It flew out of me, and I never make any quilt fast.

The symbolism may be hard to see in the pictures. It is a flag and pole against a night sky. The flag pole is made from the Declaration of Independence fabric that came out a couple years ago, where the words are written on the fabric in blue on ecru. A real rope trim is on it's right to remind us of lowering the flag in mourning. The flag is made of the red ribbon fabric, which came out to memorialize those dying of AIDS and other tragic deaths. The red and white stripes are leaves, symbolizing the falling people and ashes of the towers and Pentagon, and their return to us through nature. The other stripes are solid black. The flag is against a black starry night. The stars represent all the people lost as they look down to us from heaven and let us know they are ok and watching over us. The red star in the corner has the tribute to them. It reads: " IN LOVING MEMORY of ALL those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 when America was attacked in New York City and Washington D.C. May GOD BLESS those of us - worldwide - that are left behind " it also has the date and Nat'l Day of Mourning. The backing fabric has all the countries and their flags, around the world.

Kimberly Wulfert (Do not reproduce without permission)

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