Patches From the Past
Scraps of Fabric, Sewing & Quilting History

Textile Arts
the World

navajo rug
Quilting in France: The French Traditions

a history of French quilting including Marseilles & boutis quilts

Quilting in France: A Revival of Interest

French quilting today: guilds, exhibitions & enthusiastic quilters

Dutch Patchwork National Celebration Skirts

Healing & reconstruction in the Netherlands after World War II.

Medieval & Renaissance Quilting

Quilts and quilting in pre-colonial Europe.

Ancient Patchwork Around the World

A history of piecing and appliqué.

Early Navajo Weaving: Blankets & Rugs

from Spider Women to chief's blankets

Navajo Weaving From 1862 to the Present

including the long walk & the trading post era

reproduction quilt pattern books